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Case Study #1


Our client is a specialist in re-selling used books. They originated as a small start-up that collected donations from universities and libraries but has grown significantly with distribution warehouses now spanning across America and Scotland. This growth has also seen the company shift from a focus on profit to the social benefits it can provide.


Achieving a price/service balance to enable performance monitoring and efficiency whilst keeping costs low.
Avoiding additional costs associated with Brexit for the end customer in an optimal way.


To save on costs, the sortation of the products was removed.
A bespoke blend of services was formulated based on the destination, order value, and weight of items delivered. This solution utilised MHI’s expert knowledge of country-specific services, allowing for our team to consult the client on how to reduce costs.
A single integration was provided, enabling our client to access the full range of tracked and non-tracked services.  In addition, it facilitated the production of S10 barcodes in-house, speeding up processing time whilst improving delivery efficiency and success. 
MHI created extensive reporting for the client and continues to offer these reports daily and monthly to continuously improve and monitor performance. 
Tracking via the MHI Trackmail portal. This allowed the client to view the latest transit status, access the final mile carrier site, log queries and retrieve order detail. 
A flexi-service was created for delivery duty paid (DDP)and delivery duty unpaid (DDU) allowing for items to switch between the two services based on the item value and tax threshold to reduce costs for the end customer.


An excellent line of communication has been established between the client and MHI. Since 2020, the client now exclusively uses MHI’s delivery services and has cancelled the tendering process with other partners.

In addition, MHI was able to cut costs for the client and streamline their operations, whilst offering an agile solution. This allowed for the client to swap and change as and when required. In particular, the solution enabled the safe navigation of Brexit and COVID-19 with services unaffected.

MHI continues to work closely with the client, looking to further develop the client’s routing matrix and explore new opportunities from both the UK and USA operations.

Case Study #2


Our client is one of the UK’s leading book, CD, and DVD recyclers. With a sustainable focus, their key objective is to buy second-hand from book lovers who don’t want their books to go to landfills. Our client recycles hundreds of thousands of the items bought or finds a second home for them.  The company is also dedicated to helping customers dust off their shelves and clear space in their homes; downsizing their towering piles of books while, at the same time, passing on the joy of reading.


The client wished to achieve a price/service balance, maximising visibility and transit efficiency whilst keeping the delivery price point competitive
Optimising Brexit clearance and avoiding additional costs for the end customer
Meeting marketplace delivery expectations for the book and media industry


Product-specific routings. As the client not only sold books but other media too, MHI highlighted the best routes per product to certain destinations.
Destinations, routes, and services were evaluated, identifying routes that provided a higher level of service but with greater cost savings for particular destinations.
Optimisation, by service and by the marketplace.
A service was provided to automatically upgrade to certain couriers when that country tariff/weight break became favourable, speeding up processes.
Multiple routes per country were applied to meet consumer/marketplace transit and delivery requirements/preferences.
Tracking via the MHI Trackmail portal allowed the client to view the latest transit status, link to the final mile carrier site, log queries and retrieve order detail.
Establishment of daily, weekly, and monthly automated reports.
To save on costs, the sortation of the products was removed.


MHI handles all of the clients’ international logistics, amounting to hundreds of thousands of packages a year, to 130different countries. The service is reliable and flexible; so that if issues do arise in certain territories, MHI can make changes to the routing, correcting the situation quickly. Most importantly, MHI has been able to save client costs whilst providing a quality service for their customers. Consequently, Brexit and Covid-19 had a minimal effect on the client.

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