The world of international eCommerce has not been without its challenges over the past six months. With a global pandemic dominating the world economy, Brexit looming, and the USPS increasing delivery rates into the United States – there have been many hurdles to face.

But face them we have.

Despite the undeniable effect of COVID-19 on businesses all over the global, here at MHI, we have used the past six months to innovate. With a strong focus on R&D, our team have identified the challenges and opportunities facing our trio of sectors: international distribution, direct mail & higher education. As a result, we have successfully built three unique online platforms:

📫 SendVia

📦 Nexae

👩‍🎓 Hecom


What it is…

Nexae is a user-friendly platform that allows the retailer to take control of all elements of their international shipping in one centralised portal.

How it works…

Nexae simplifies the operational process of international shipping, and enable users to…

📃 Upload & validate address data
🔖 Generate internationally compliant address labels
🚙 Arrange collections to the MHI warehouse
🖲 Track outbound shipments

Retailers can make use of as many of the features as they like and, with its multi-user interface, allows them to allocate different areas of the platform to their various teams.

Why it is needed…

International shipping can be complicated. There are just over 200 countries in the world, and all have their nuances in terms of delivery. By creating a simple platform to validate addresses, track outbound shipments and manage returns – it takes the operational challenge out of international shipping. With Nexae, both retailers and smaller sellers can access MHI’s 80+ carrier contracts and 15,000 delivery routes with ease; allowing them to focus on scale-up growth whilst assured that MHI are by their side for the ride.


What it is…

SendVia is the online platform that allows the user to create a postcard campaign with just a few clicks. Combining our in-house digital print facilities and award-winning international distribution network in one service, SendVia is an accessible means of creating mailings for both SMEs and larger business of all industries.

How it works…

Very simply…

🖼 Upload your artwork

📃 Import address data

📫 Let SendVia print & mail your campaign locally, nationally, or globally

As a technology company, MHI also have the means of integrating with your own database and marketing software, so we can automate direct mail campaigns based on the rules you set.

Why it is needed…

With more people than ever working from home, and no guarantee that the workplace will revert to its traditional practices after we emerge from this global pandemic, there is no better time to add direct mail to your marketing strategy.

Modern businesses do not want to wait in phone queues, send emails that hit firewalls, and wait for responses. They want speed, they want intuitive technology, they want the best service possible. That is where SendVia comes in. It is flexible, transparent and ensures you can set up a mailing to any destination, with just a few clicks.


What it is…

Hecom is the higher education platform and community that connects institutions, student advisors, and students in one place.

How it works…

One community. Three distinct areas.

📭 Universities and Colleges can utilise our six bespoke services, including bulk prospectus, alumni, and postcard mailings to reach the front doors of both student advisors and prospective students

👩‍🏫 Student Advisors can use their area to request prospectuses, research open days and interact with fellow advisors and careers leaders

👨‍🎓 Students can discover university open days, learn CV best practice, and discover student discounts and benefits

Why it is needed…

In uncertain times in the higher education sector, it is more important than ever to keep connected. By connecting institutions, advisors and students in one platform, it ensures communication is seamless and the most important messages get seen.

The Future…

All businesses need to prepare for what comes next in a changing landscape that will be influenced by the effects of COVID-19 for years to come. That is why MHI have created these platforms now.

International eCommerce is thriving. Direct mail is a more effective marketing tool than ever before. Higher education will continue to be critical in taking young people to the next level. MHI has listened to the challenges facing our industries, and we have responded with our solution portfolio.

To find out more about any of the three platforms mentioned above, please give us a call on 0117 977 6655, email, or get in touch with any of the MHI team on LinkedIn.