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Aiming to centralise MHI’s eCommerce delivery service, Nexae allows our clients to take control of international shipments with ease: 

One platform. 100+ carriers. 15,000+ delivery routes.

Nexae is an all-encompassing online platform built with intuitiveness, functionality and transparency in mind. Let’s take a look at what she can do.

  •  4-Click Label Generation: Designed with ease of use in mind, it takes only 4 clicks to upload data & generate labels from a CSV.  
  •  International Compliance: With Brexit on the horizon, we’ve removed the operational headache of customs paperwork for each country, by generating the paperwork for you.  
  • One label does all: With customs documentation integrated directly into our shipping label (as well as your logo), you can say goodbye to additional paperwork hello to improved brand experience.
  • Address Verification & Warnings:  Errors in addresses can cause delays later down the line. Our Address Gene Database highlights & suggests fixes for problematic data, before it becomes a problem. 
  • CollectionsWith the click of a button, you can book the transport of your goods to our warehouse; making use of MHI’s cost-effective courier rates. 
  • Shipment History: Instantly track and retrieve details of previous shipments by entering a date, barcode, or shipment reference. No more waiting for support responses.  
  • Multi-Level User Access: Let your team take over certain areas of the portal while you remain in control.  
  • Customizability: We know every business is unique, so we’ve adapted to your needs, instead of you adapting to us. We’ll accept your current shipping product names, provide branding opportunity and set customs information if you always send the same thing.  
  • API Access: Full shipping API access is now available – build your own solution, or integrate with your software of choice.

Interested to see how Nexae could simplify your international shipping process, while accessing MHI’s library of 100+ carriers?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re more than happy to setup a demonstration.

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