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Delivery Guidelines

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Delivery Notification

Goods Permitted

Delivery Type:
Home delivery
Following unsuccessful deliveries, items will be held for 30 days prior to physical return
Key Notes:
Recipient phone number in data feed is mandatory

Additional Notes:

Delivery Notifications: Recipients would receive advance notification prior to delivery via SMS. For any unsuccessful delivery attempts, recipients would be notified via SMS
Delivery expectation is 5-7 working days in total
97% on-time delivery was recorded in 2021 with local delivery time being 2 days
These stats include ALL areas and any COVID impacted areas
MHI can provide weekly Tracking reports showing delivery metrics (example available)
If delivery cannot be made, the customer will be notified by SMS to re-arrange delivery
Regarding returns, the same charge is applicable for returns as the outbound charge
Prohibited / dangerous / hazardous goods not permitted – including, but not limited to: Alcohol, tobacco, controlled drugs, weapons, indecent and obscene materials, flammable, corrosive or toxic materials, or counterfeit or pirated goods

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