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Delivery Type:
Home delivery
Parcels are held locally for 15 days following unsuccessful delivery, before being returned to sender
Key Notes:
Recipient phone number and email details within data feed are mandatory

Additional Notes:

Local Correos delivery timings are 1-3 working days, plus transit (from UK > NL > Correos, ES)
Overall timings should be 4-7 working days, from initial MHI scan to final delivery/delivery attempt
Please note these timings are applicable for Spanish Mainland destinations. Naturally the Spanish Islands may take an extra day or 2 in terms of delivery, though they would typically only represent a relatively small percentage of overall ES volume
2 delivery attempts should be made to home addresses, and 1 to office/business addresses
If delivery cannot be made, the customer would be notified by delivery card and email, including location of item/local depot, and collection/re-delivery instructions.  This includes items that are too big for letterboxes
Customers would be sent a reminder notification email if they haven’t collected after a number of days
Regarding returns, the same charge is applicable for returns as the outbound charge
There is a maximum limit of £900 (GBP) for any individual parcel being shipped within the EU
Prohibited/dangerous/hazardous goods are not permitted including but not limited to; alcohol, tobacco, controlled drugs, weapons, indecent and obscene materials, flammable/corrosive/toxic materials, or counterfeit/pirated goods
MHI can provide weekly Tracking Reports showing delivery metrics (example available)
Delivery metrics include ALL areas including the Spanish Islands and any COVID impacted area

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