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Delivery Type:
Home delivery
Parcels are held locally for 10 days following unsuccessful delivery, before being returned to sender
Key Notes:
Shippers with an annual turnover of $60,000 NZD or more per year must be registered with New Zealand’s Inland Revenue Department – IRD – and be declaring their IRD number on the customs manifest along with an indicator to confirm payment has been made.  See ‘Additional Notes’ below for more details

Additional Notes:

Items routed direct from UK LHR > NZ
New Zealand Post’s local delivery timings are 1-3 working days – (plus transit, UK > NZ)
Delivery expectation is 5-9 working days in total
MHI can provide weekly Tracking Reports showing delivery metrics (example available)
New Zealand Post will make 1 delivery attempt initially.  If the initial delivery is unsuccessful, recipients will be notified via a “Parcel For You” card.  This card will include the option for recipients to arrange another delivery
Alternatively, and/or after a maximum a delivery of 2 delivery attempts, recipients can arrange to collect the parcel from their local pick-up point.  The “Parcel For You” delivery card will include the collection point address, opening hours etc, and collection/re-delivery instructions.  This includes items that are too big for letterboxes
Please find an example of the delivery notification card as follows:
Email and SMS delivery notifications will be available soon (est. April 2022)
Email notifications will be available FOC
SMS  notifications would be available at an additional cost NZD 0.125c per SMS message sent – (Circa £0.065 GBP based on current EXR)

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