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International Direct Mail has experienced quite the resurgence over the last few years. Even in the digital age, physical mail is as important ever to marketers & businesses alike. With customers suffering from email fatigue & the rapid growth of globalization, there is no better time to target a new group of customers in an overseas market.

At MHI, we leverage our postal rates with over 80 international carriers to ensure we give you, the client, the most cost-effective means of distributing your mail overseas. Whether it be a letter, a pamphlet, a brochure, or a postcard – MHI can be trusted to get them into your customer’s hands.

On top of this, MHI provide an all-in-one lettershop service, where we can print your piece of direct mail in-house, before distributing it to your customer base. All you need to do is send us the artwork – it couldn’t be easier!

Why our Clients are using Direct Mail….

  • Higher Response Rate: On average, recipients keep mail for 38 days, with a response rate that is 37 times greater than email.
  • Works Online & Offline: Effective as part of your integrated marketing strategy – driving customers to your online shopfront alongside using geographical targeting to drive footfall to your brick & mortar stores.
  • Power of Personalisation: with hi-tech digital print, you can produce top quality variable content to link your targeted messaging to individual recipients.
  • GDPR Compliance: Business that send direct mail can do so on the basis of legitimate interest – they don’t need to record consent from the recipient. This is perfect for engaging with both new & lapsed customers.
  • Higher ROI: Direct mail works best where there is a relatively high customer lifetime value, for both acquisition & retention. It makes sense to target the biggest spenders with a marketing method that delivers a greater response.

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