What makes MHI so unique is our network of over 100 different carriers that provide us with access to over 15,000 routes around the world. This means that alongside our in-house routing technology, we can determine optimal routes for our clients, depending on the service level (priority/ express/ economy) they are looking for and associated costs.

But, with so many carriers to manage, and their performance and services changing constantly, I hear you cry ‘how do you keep track of them all?!’

This is where our tiered system comes into play. Implemented as a form of control and to maintain consistency in the services we offer to our clients, we place all of our carriers into one of 4 tiers. This grading is applied to both our economy and priority services.

Using these tiers, we can then provide tailored solutions to our clients which in turn enables them to save on costs. This is ultimately down to the flexibility and choice we can offer.

Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the carrier tiers. These have been created based on performance, therefore, the same carrier may be placed indifferent tiers for different destinations relative to its performance.

Tier 1

This is the highest tier, offering excellent delivery times that are very consistent. We recommend this tier for time-sensitive mailings and clients that wish for their items to be delivered as fast as possible.

For example, a priority service for Western Europe is 2-5 days.

Tier 2

One down from Tier 1, Tier 2 carriers provide good delivery times and are consistent in their quality of service and timings.

Tier 3

Carriers in Tier 3 are less efficient and consistent than those placed in Tier 1 or Tier 2.

For example, delivery may take 3-7 days and shipping may not occur daily for certain carriers.

Tier 4

Carriers in Tier 4 may take slightly longer for deliveries to arrive.

For example, they may take 4-8 days to get to a destination that a Tier 1 may only take 2-5 days to get to.

We offer this service for non-critical direct mail and parcels, where price is more important for the client than service.

Why our clients love it

Our tiered system creates the transparency necessary for our clients to be able to make informed decisions with our support. This way, our client remains in control and are able to match the right carrier to the right product in their portfolio.

By analysing carrier’s performance per destination, our clients can create a perfect blend of services that is unique to every item they send.

Have a more expensive item that you’d like to use a tier 1 carrier for? No problem.

Know of issues to a particular destination through untracked routes? we can put all your products on a higher tier to minimise delays.

Get in touch!

This is just one of the many tools we use to provide a consultative approach to our clients, enabling them to constantly improve.

Our Weekly Global Service Update is another way we support our clients. This informs them of any potential service disruptions that week, thus allowing them to change carriers and routes if needed.

If this sounds like it’d suit your eCommerce delivery company then we’d love to have a chat about how we can help and support you to grow internationally.

Simply send us an email at contactus@mhi.co