At MHI we are grateful to have a fantastic array of clients for whom we distribute a variety of products. We have partnered with Background Bob to assist with the global distribution of their very special art book publication.

About The Project

In April 2020 during the first Covid-19 lockdown, @Background_Bob a.k.a. Noah and his Dad, Nathan, started a painting project. Noah, being born with hydrocephalus and having quadriplegic cerebral palsy and epilepsy, took on the project with great love and enjoyment as he could express himself through art. Knowing a few street artists from their love of the art and visiting street art festivals, they decided to post on Instagram and asked if others wanted to collaborate with them on some of the pieces for a charity auction. Around 250 artists from around the world replied and he hasn’t stopped painting since!

Following a successful art exhibition, selling 1,500 books, an explosive eBay auction of the artwork and other donations, Background Bob raised over £100,000! The proceeds have sinced been used to redevelop the sensory room and garden at Colchester Hospital’s Children’s Department. Noah and his family spend a lot of their time at the centre and thanks to the proceeds of this project the hospital can provide even more families a supportive environment.

What's Happening Now

With the success of the first book, Background Bob 2 is set to be even more exciting. Background Bob will once again provide his artistic canvases to his collaborators to complete their creations on. To kick things off there is an all new exhibition at Firstsite, Colchester featuring 100s of joyful collaborations. The exhibition is open from now until Sunday 9 January 2021 and it’s not to be missed.

The 2nd book featuring all 250 collaborations is on sale now and you can order yours below.

The project will crescendo in February 2022 with another thrilling eBay auction of all the artworks.

The piece that we have chosen to share with you is a mural by @mydogsighs, displayed at @reclaim_southampton. The art features the iris pattern from Noah’s brothers and mum’s eye, with Noah in the reflection. This act of kindness is so special to Noah and his family and truly represents what ‘Background Bob’ is all about. Spreading positivity, love, and happiness.

Background Bob places a heavy focus on teamwork, with the art representing what can be achieved when people come together. At MHI, we are proud to be a part of this team. We will also be responsible for dispatch of the artwork once the pieces have been sold at the auction in March 2022.

If you haven’t ordered your copy of the 2nd book, its not too late! Grab yours today via the following link. Pick out your favourite pieces and make sure you save the auction date to be in with a chance of owning a part of this beautiful project.