We are very proud to announce we have recently obtained our ISO 9001:2015 certificate; the ultimate standard for quality management, recognised internationally.


Following an audit of all three companies (MHI, Bascom and Hecom), we have been acknowledged for our operational excellence. 


What does the ISO 9001 certification mean?

It means that MHI and our sister companies have optimised our processes, seeking efficiencies wherever possible.


Procedures have been refined, enabling the business to be proactive in problem solving as opposed to reactive. Here, potential reoccurring issues have been identified and eliminated, improving the amazing service we already provide.


MHI holds itself to the upmost standards in quality management and will continue to do so through constant monitoring, reviews and evaluations.


The certification means that MHI meets the needs of our clients, truly understanding what these are and how we can best serve them.


In addition to our client needs, it also focuses on the support we provide to our teams internally. This includes creating efficient working environments, excellent HR management and strong infrastructure.


In a world where data protection is becoming more of an issue, our records and data are stored securely. We have systems and procedures in place to ensure ours and our clients’ data remain safe; a key requirement of ISO 9001.


What are the benefits of ISO9001?

Faster and more efficient processes reduce the time taken to carry out daily tasks. This additional time gained will allow our team to work on progressing our clients’ cross-border growth further.


Improvement on our services and matching these to our clients’ needs will improve overall customer satisfaction to higher levels than ever before.


In a nutshell, our clients will receive consistent, high-quality services from MHI that can only improve.