World Book Day was originally created by UNESCO and first celebrated in April 1995.

World book day is celebrated on the 3rd of March in the UK, Ireland and across the rest of the world on the 23rd of April. Despite occurring on separate dates, both days celebrate the joy of reading and the benefits it can have on education and knowledge curation, particularly among children.

Here at MHI, delivering books is one of our delightful specialties. This year alone, we've delivered books to 202 of the 252 countries and territories that our routes lead into. So, we pretty much cover any destination in which your customers require their reading fix.

With a large international client base of booksellers and retailers, we seek to facilitate the distribution of literature to every corner of the earth. We do this whilst keeping front-of-mind our core values as a company, which include reducing or eliminating any harm to the planet. This translates into our operational processes and the products we distribute; not only do we deliver brand new books but pre-loved ones too.

Supporting art publications and charities

For those that are more visual, we also distribute artists’ publications globally, such as Background Bob & His Amazing Friends. This wonderfully enticing book includes 250 collaborations between artists and Background Bob, Noah, a boy with Cerebral Palsy, Hydrocephalus and Epilepsy, who took to painting during the pandemic to raise funds for Colchester and Ipswich Hospitals charity. His work within the book is inspiring whilst also introducing the world to a variety of talented artists.

Book delivery specialists

60% of the items that MHI processes and delivers are books, making us one of the largest book distributors and specialists within the UK Media and Publishing industry. Due to the large volumes we process, it enables us to obtain better rates through our multi-carrier network and reduce overall costs, which in turn allows us to pass the cost-saving on to our clients and their customers, making reading even more accessible.

MHI’s solutions for the book industry

We know that each item, destination, and service level has its costs and limitations. Therefore, we create bespoke blended services based on these variables to provide each client with the fastest, most cost-effective, and highest quality service possible.

Our expertise allows us to support our client needs; identifying new routes, creating contingencies, and providing an optimised service to any destination via our 15,384 routes. We also apply our in-house technology to aid these decisions, allowing for automations to be established. These automations upgrade services to more favourable carriers should their tariff or weight break become advantageous for a certain destination.

Moreover, extensive bespoke reporting created by MHI gives our clients transparency whilst also enabling monitoring and performance maximisation.

To prepare for Brexit we created a flexi-service, allowing for items to switch between delivery duty paid and delivery duty unpaid services, dependent upon tax thresholds, reducing delays and costs for the end customer.


In summary, why should you choose MHI as your book delivery specialist?

  • 60% of the items MHI processes and delivers are books – we know what we’re doing.
  • Higher book volumes = better rates = lower costs for our clients and end customers.
  • Global delivery – we have routes in 252 countries and territories and more to come in the future.
  • Flexible and agile solutions allowing switches to the most optimal route per destination, value and weight.
  • Automated services speed up reaction times to changes in lanes, ensuring the best service is selected rapidly.
  • Expert knowledge of the book industry needs, routing, and destination service capabilities.
  • We offer you choice, route agility and cost flexibility.

To find out how our services can help you, contact us at, we’d be happy to tell you more.