Mintsoft, part of The Access Group, are one of the UK’s leading order management systems for eCommerce retailers. They integrate their system with shopping carts, marketplaces, inventory systems, couriers and more, to ensure their client’s orders are seamlessly connected; from purchase, to warehousing, to labelling and fulfillment, to delivery.

The integration will give retailers easy access to MHI’s award-winning international carrier network, which consists of 80+ direct injection relationships with national postal authorities and global couriers all over the world. It will allow users to combine intuitive order management with an international eCommerce delivery solution which can give retailers access to over 200 countries, with no manual sortation required in the warehouse.

Calum White, the Marketing Manager at MHI, was involved in the integration. He says,

Integrating with Access Mintsoft was an important step for us. It gives users a simple way of setting up numerous international delivery services, which do not require a bespoke integration into their own system. It also negates the need for clients to upload address data securely to the SFTP, which we have found can often be a manual, laborious task based on legacy infrastructure and systems. Electronically supplied, secure, real-time data transmission is, without doubt, the best practice where eCommerce delivery is concerned. It is faster, more transparent and does not rely on manual input.

How will it work for users who use MHI as a multi-carrier distribution partner, and Access Mintsoft as an order management system?

  • Customer makes purchase on retailer’s website.
  • Access Mintsoft populates order label with MHI-readable barcode.
  • API communicates with MHI to correlate the correct delivery service based on country and service level selected at checkout.
  • Address data is sent electronically and securely through to MHI’s system.
  • Next day, the item is received by MHI, the barcode is scanned and MHI’s award-winning technology ensures the order is injected directly into the selected carrier’s network.
  • If sent on a tracked service, the MHI tracking number is sent back to Access Mintsoft, to be provided to the customer by the retailer.

This integration is the first step in what MHI hope to be a long-standing partnership with The Access Group, one of the UK’s leading providers of software – including retail, warehousing and manufacturing.

If you are interested in learning more about the MHI & Access Mintsoft integrated solution, then please do not hesitate to get in touch and stay tuned for more exciting news in future.