MHI’s Takeaways from WMX EMEA 2022

Following on from the explosive growth of eCommerce in 2020 and 2021, last month the most important industry insights were revealed for 2022 at this year’s World Mail & Express Europe Middle East & Africa conference (WMX EMEA). Held in Dubai, this event bought together senior executives from across the globe to discuss all things Post and Parcels related. This covered the latest global developments from navigating cross-border growth, to driving innovation, while providing insights to postal perspectives. With the current ongoing challenges facing the industry due to inflation, supply chain disruptions and ongoing implications associated with the pandemic, this year’s conference provided many rewarding insights.

MHI’s CEO, Paul Brown, and Head of Distribution & Logistics, Neil Anslow took the trip across borders to attend the two-day conference, returning to MHI's Bristol HQ ready to apply their understandings to MHIs business operations. A month down the line we can really see how MHI are innovating in line with the key global trends raised at the event…

The demand for growing Technology:

Current industry trends focus on mobile commerce and personalisation, with the integration of physical and digital remaining a key target for many eCommerce distributors. ‘Future proof business’ held a key focus of the conference where advancing technology was the hot topic of many discussions, with this impacting the distribution of parcels globally.

At MHI, we have recently advanced our technology integration through the redevelopment of our eCommerce platform, Nexae. This technology automates processes, simplifying client data uploads, the creation of customs documents and labels, generating instant tracking numbers for our eCommerce clients. This easy-to-use platform still allows for the provision of express, saver and standard services through a single fully integrated carrier. Through advanced technology, we can increase our parcel processing capabilities, while improving the user experience. This is just one example that allows MHI to remain competitive and current in today’s market and follows the evolution of technology across the industry.

Sustainability leads the way:

The eCommerce experience is progressing as sustainable practices are continuously introduced, with these now leading the way to success. Sustainable credentials hold a key influence on purchasing behaviour, with interest associated with both the product itself and the carriers involved with its distribution.

This industry pattern is one which MHI have always been familiar with, through the application of Elkington’s Triple Bottom Line to our core business model, focusing on People, Planet and Profit. An equal balance of focus within these areas at the root of business operations enables MHI to swiftly progress in these areas. This provides us with a competitive edge that other businesses in the industry may struggle to find as they try to adapt their services to implement new sustainable strategies. MHI have been at the forefront of implementing the latest films and technology in the materials we use. Over 10 years ago we actually created Bio-wrap trial packs to be presented at tradeshows for one of the first bio-films created, showing our commitment from day one to push for more environmentally friendly packaging. In addition, our Bristol HQ uses renewable energy, generated through solar panels. The combination of these factors and MHIs selection of carriers provides clients with the flexibility to meet their customer needs. Contributing to the long-term stability of eCommerce is a value that MHI are proud to be associated with.

Navigating Cross-Border opportunities:

The conference highlighted the challenges and opportunities of global eCommerce and customs, with consumer shopping habits determining the future of logistics. Some countries have seen a reduction in online shopping with cross-border transactions of luxury goods reducing as inflation continues to increase. However, the impacts of this vary between countries. This emphasises a benefit of cross-border transactions as each market provides its own opportunities for growth through the offering of country-specific attractive and comprehensive services.

This is a solution MHI can provide, thanks to our internal routing software, IRIS. This technology allows clients to access the best prices and services for a variety of shipping destinations, adhering to each country’s preferences. Check out our ‘what’s Hot’ web pages to find out which countries have the most shipping opportunities today.

The ideal carrier:

Consumer preferences have recently shifted towards flexibility and speed when considering last-mile distribution factors, placing delivery time above price and quality when making a purchase. However, consumers’ opinions are still varied when it comes to selecting the most important delivery factor. This creates a challenge when selecting a final mile delivery carrier for MHI as the argument between speed and service quality continues.

With consumer preferences changing constantly, having access to a carrier network of 80+ delivery partners and 15,000+ routes means our clients can easily access a range of services with minimal disruption. Thanks to our postal consolidation capabilities, clients can trial new final mile delivery carriers without the requirement of high parcel volumes. This flexibility allows the right balance to be found. However, there are increased logistical pressures as demands for quicker delivery increase, creating a hurdle in an already stretched area as consumers set the bar for their ideal carrier.

Conference overview:

From sharing knowledge with global leaders within the post and parcel industry, the key message focused on innovating and adapting. This approach of continuous revaluation is required to respond to the rate at which the industry is evolving.

Heightened customer expectations, cross-border competition and long-term sustainability are areas in which MHI are currently focusing on.

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