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As key players in the digital eCommerce industry, I’m sure you are well aware of the advantages of our ever-growing digital world. But, postal communications continue to show their worth.

The facts

·       94% of mail is engaged with. This is because consumers can engage with mail as and when it suits them, unlike with digital ads (Marketreach)

·       44% of consumers visit a company’s website after reading a piece of direct mail (Data & Marketing Association)

·       27% of direct mail is still ‘live’ after 28 days of receipt, increasing the life span of content, long-term memory encoding, and recall (Data & Marketing Association)

Encourage repeat purchases with promotional cards placed inside packages, boost sales with a direct mail campaign, or increase brand awareness with a physical touchpoint. Think advertising, coupon cards, new product launch information, and much more.

Let’s get into the detail…

Mail feels human and real

It’s never been harder for a message to be heard when it is communicated via digital platforms. Despite 88% of UK adults being online, people are exposed to thousands of brand messages a day, making it easy for a message to be lost.

On the other hand, Receiving an unexpected letter with your name on is always an exhilarating experience, some cases being better than others (we all get parking tickets, it happens!).

Recent market research carried out in collaboration with Royal Mail has confirmed the strengths of direct mail in the digital age.

It found that the power of the senses can’t be matched by digital communications. A piece of mail provides a physical touchpoint that has a large impact on the consumer journey, with 94% of mail always being engaged with in some way. The physical quality of mail also reflects the care and effort used in the message, with more thought being required than for digital communications.

The theory

Choosing the right channel to connect with your target audience has never been more important. Mail has a powerful impact on long-term memory encoding, being 49% stronger than email and 35% stronger than social media advertising.

An audience on social media sees many posts in the same format, which usually consists of a single image with text, decreasing the memorability of a message. In contrast, a piece of mail can be customised in many ways, making each item unique.

The evidence

Neuroscience research is able to measure subconscious brain responses, which underlie our decisions and subsequent actions. This was used to understand the impact of communication in order to optimise its effectiveness. The research measured responses to branded mail, email, and social media advertising. From monitoring and recording brain activity, Mail was held In long-term memory over the other 2 forms of communication.

The action

Since we identified the effectiveness of sending direct mail, here are some top tips to enhance the success of your next communication:

- Ensure your messaging is personalised – if something feels personally relevant, our brains are more likely to put it into memory.

- Media Triggers - Include memorable elements such as logos, shapes and colours. These provide a shortcut to the emotions and perceptions already stored from previous encounters.

-Tangible call to action – Many people place mail somewhere visible in their home as a reminder to act, or take it with them to refer to when making a purchase.

-Informative without being too time-consuming to read

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