We are all aware of the devastating effects of climate change and the need to adopt more eco-friendly products, particularly at a large corporate level. One of the biggest environmental downfalls in the print and mail industry is single-use polyethylene wrap, used to protect publications during transit.

Thanks to innovation, new products have since been produced to minimise single-use plastic in the print and mail industry.

One of the current popular substitutes is to use paper. With the ability to be recycled and printed without restriction, it has quickly become a chosen favourite for publications. However, if you operate in the print industry then you will be well aware of the current paper shortage and soaring prices felt at this time.

The shortage, alongside other factors, was predominantly caused by a strike undertaken at one of UPM's paper mills in Europe. Whilst this strike has recently ended, delays are still being experienced as they attempt to make up for the backlog of orders.

About our bio-film

Providing a solution to both environmental and supply issues, we offer fully biodegradable and home compostable bio-wrap. This wrap is GMO and plasticizer-free, built up of long molecules which can be recognised and fully metabolised by micro-organisms.

30% of the wrap is made using starch from potatoes which are not dedicated to the food industry. By using a different variety and altering the crops planted, the soil is regenerated, thus making future harvests more nutrient-dense and of a higher quality.

Our film has been certified as home compostable by TUV, which has a strict set of rules that govern the way the bio-wrap is made. These rules ensure that the film meets the criteria necessary to be certified for both home and industrial composting.

The film is fully metabolised into CO2, water, and humus, meaning no particles enter the food chain when composted. This process also produces 33.1% fewer emissions than the decomposing of polyethylene.

Whilst the film isn't classed as recyclable, no trace remains once it has been fully metabolised. This can take only 12 months to happen at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, compared to 20+ years for polyethylene wrap to decompose.

The film offers the durability and water resistance of polyethylene, with the option to choose from different densities ranging from milky to transparent. Therefore, you don't have to compromise on the ability to see your beautifully designed publication through the film.

Compostable Bio-film Vs Paper Wrap


  • Different densities so you can still see your design through the film
  • Lightweight
  • Accessible (no industry shortage or tax applied)
  • Durable
  • Water-resistant
  • 100% compostable and biodegradable with no trace left
  • 33.1% fewer emissions than polyethylene wrap
  • In order to be decomposed properly, only a small proportion of ink can be printed on the film. To overcome this, simply use a carrier sheet insert with address information and PPI

Paper wrap

  • Recyclable
  • Can be printed on

  • The creation of paper is an intensive process, requiring a lot of energy and water. It also contributes to deforestation, air pollution, and waste problems
  • There is a shortage of paper following various compounding issues including the strike at one of Europe’s largest paper mills causing significant delays and price increases
  • Despite being easily recycled, paper waste takes up more space in landfills than any other product, with 55% of paper supply originating from newly cut trees as opposed to recycled paper
  • The production of a single A4 sheet of paper uses 10 litres of water and 2-3 times its weight in trees
  • Paper is not water-resistant and can easily fall apart when exposed to wet weather conditions

As a specialist print and mail company, we ensure the best options are provided to our clients, whilst remaining agile to industry changes and offering the best solutions we can.

We strongly believe in minimising our negative impact on the planet and encourage our clients to share in this ethos.

If you would like to discuss our compostable bio-film solution in more detail, enquire today. One of our team will be happy to assist you with further information and prices.