MHI continues 27-year Easter tradition: Eggs replaced with “Edible Essentials” to its people at home…

09 Apr 2020

Every Easter since the company’s inception in 1993, MHI have given an Easter egg to each of its hard-working employees. It’s a 27-year tradition that has become bigger & better every Easter that goes by, and, this year, it felt more important than ever to share the spring spirit.

In extraordinary times, where health & well-being is at the forefront of all our minds, MHI have replaced the Easter Egg with a more accomplished “Easter Box”.

Delivered directly to the front doors of our employees working hard from home, the box contains a whole host of “edible essentials”, including fruit, vegetables, canned goods and, of course, a Cadbury’s Crème Egg.

MHI founders, Paul Brown & Alex Lawson, sent a personalised letter out with the boxes, stating:

“We appreciate that these are challenging & worry times. We value your effort in so many ways to carry the business through as a team & are committed to doing all that is possible to build on our company community.”

Paul was spotted loading up the MHI delivery van.  Because, in times like these, leading from the front is as much about getting involved in the essential operation of the business, as it is navigating the company on the highest level; a stance which resulted in Paul receiving the Bristol Post Lifetime Achievement Award, in 2019.

A number of unbranded boxes were also sent out to the local food bank, in order to provide essential foods to those who are less able to get access to them. Caring for the local community has always been a large part of MHI’s ethos, which was a major contributor to their Green Business of the Year accolade in 2019.

Let’s hope next Easter we can return to the tradition of the Easter Egg, but, for now, our people’s health must come first and as Paul says, “Our community are our people, and our people are integral to our community.”

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