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01 Oct 2018

MHI are one of Europe’s largest independent E-Commerce and international mail specialists, with access to an unrivalled range of mail and distribution options. Working across a variety of industry sectors, from shipping online book orders to distributing geo-specific sampling campaigns, the Bristol based firm are continually evolving their offering so their E-Commerce clients benefit from the most flexible and cost-effective delivery solutions on the market.

The in-house R&D arm within the business have been busy exploring ways to streamline internal processes even further, introducing more advanced automation with a view to reducing shipping costs for parcel items. The latest innovation added to the company’s E-Commerce platform is real-time laser and camera 3D parcel scanning, with enhanced AI.

The new technology is still in its infancy, subject to final testing, but has been designed to read and record the volume and weight of mixed weight parcels before being automatically assigned to the most appropriate postal routing for the service required. This significantly cuts down processing time, and allows for increasingly complex routings – the savings from which can be passed onto the company’s E-Commerce clientbase for competitive advantage in price or delivery.

Feedback from the system is integral to MHI’s consultative approach as we tailor packaging, consumer expectation, brand and delivery experiences to give their clients the upper hand in the global marketplace. Alex Lawson heads up the R&D dept and says: “We’ve invested heavily over the years in new people, new equipment and in our eco-friendly facility and feel we’re better resourced to deliver on our client’s objectives than our competitors. The new scanner provides more accurate volumetrics which becomes important when, for instance, the space a package takes up on an aircraft costs more than the weight.”

MHI have already received plenty of industry recognition for their innovative technology – off the back of their existing in-house postal route optimisation software that has helped redefine how mail gets moved around the globe.

Their ‘IRIS’ and ‘ECROS’ platforms enable MHI to consolidate mail from multiple retailers to make mailing overseas more accessible and less cost prohibitive. MHI are particularly adept at helping smaller E-Commerce retailers compete on a level playing field of price and delivery with the multinational E-Commerce giants, without being beholden to fulfilment by a platforms warehouse in country. MHI not only made the shortlist for the E-Commerce Awards 2018, but were nominated for a Made in South West Award and eventually topped off last year by winning the DirectCommerce Award 2018 for Technology Innovation.

Even with the uncertainly around Brexit, MHI are optimistic in their mission to increase the volume of global export business they currently do, both in and outside of the UK, by providing more competitive, tailored solutions that fit the client’s requirements.

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