Sustainable Business.

We put the environment at the heart of what we do.

Going green is not only good for the city but beneficial to business. Our commitment to environmental sustainability speaks for itself. Read about some of the initiatives we’ve undertaken here at MHI designed to put the environment at the heart of our operations.

Solar Panels

On sunny days, solar panels power the company’s Digital Print department and Electric Vehicle Charging Points, reducing the company’s CO2 emissions by more than 37,000kg since 2015. And when the sun isn’t shining, energy is supplied from renewable sources.

Recyclable Packaging

Our magazine wrapping equipment offers low density recyclable wrapping and completely biodegradable starch-based wrapping.

Electric Fleet Vehicles

The CEO and key personnel all use ULE company cars and we have our own EV charging point. Even the forklift trucks are electric, or run on green bio gas.

Greener Materials

Promoting the use of recycled or sustainable materials, sourced locally. MHI proactively encourage the use of sustainable paper in the mail industry.

Cycle 2 Work Schemes

We promote internal campaigns that encourage our staff to ditch their cars and cycle or walk in to work. Around 35% of the workforce now regularly cycle to and from the site.

Eco Friendly Tech

Our specialized software ensures the most efficient GPS tracked routes are used. Transport efficiencies are improved and the logistics burden and volume of rejected parcels is reduced, with more first-time deliveries of items.

Energy Efficient Facilities

Our refurbished buildings feature heating and passive ventilation efficiency; new LED lighting; plus occupancy sensors to save money and energy.

Less Landfill

82% of all our company waste gets recycled, where it’s not precluded by a prior process.

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