Environmental Policy.

“To enthuse and encourage a pragmatic approach to waste reduction and management”

Designing waste out of mail communication will reduce the environmental impact of each campaign.

Data cleaning and preparation

To reduce un-deliverable mailpacks or poorly targeted DM prior to the item being produced.

Update files efficiently by dead and gone away management by barcode and enthuse its implementation for all client communications.

Transport Miles

Through the sourcing of materials as locally as is pragmatic without compromise of quality or sustainability.

Bulk shipments and job management to improve transport efficiencies wherever practical, global mail-management to reduce the logistics burden.

Use of electronic transfer of data files and images PDF’s for proofing as appropriate, to replace carriers in the pre-production process.


The adoption of new technology to be environmental impact appraised prior to installation. Machinery to be as energy efficient as the process allows. Servers to be the most efficient available.

Waste Management

A comprehensive waste grading process is established with recycling of paper and wood based products where not precluded by a prior process involving coatings and glues.

MHI is always geared to advise at project inception on finishes and processes that are post consumer recyclable and to minimise production flow waste.

To strive to reduce the use of chemicals within the lithographic process.

Energy Efficiency

MHI operates from modern buildings where heating efficiency has been designed in; waste heat from heat-generating processes is directed to non-heat generating areas. MHI strives to reduce the energy consumption of it’s production processes, to provide a cost effective service.

Sustainable resources

Raw materials; MHI will encourage the use and supply of raw materials which are recycled or from sustainable source materials.


The MHI team will not be dogmatic in its encouragement of clients to adopt an eco-policy, however we will endeavour to guide clients in the efficient implementation of their Mail Communication objectives within the framework above.

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