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Multi-brand online retailer uses direct mail to effectively reactivate their lapsed customers…

27 Apr 2020


A Pan European multi-brand online retailer in the health & nutrition industry, who were seeking to drive traffic to their bespoke app & increase online sales through reactivation of lapsed customers.


Businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to reach existing customers through email & targeted ads. This is because of GDPR compliance, email fatigue & doubting the integrity of the emails they do receive!

These factors can lead to increased cost-per-acquisition (CPA) & decreased Return on Ad Spend. This is an issue as they still require their customers to access their digital platforms to either browse or purchase.


Direct mail, whether that’s a simple postcard or a letter, is a proven way to mitigate the above. It’s personalized, tangible & in this day & age, increasingly novel.

MHI have demonstrated success with its in-house Digital-to-Mail solution across both UK and overseas markets. By way of a compelling example, we recently completed a 200,000 piece Pan European campaign for a leading multi-brand online retailer, to contact their lapsed customers. MHI handled everything from data quality, to print production, to the final mailing


The innovation was a great success, leading to a 46% uplift in the download of their bespoke app & 3ppts+ uplift in returning customers. As a result, The client have committed to another 14 countries for the Mail-to-Digital solution; as well as annual volumes which MHI are creating a bespoke platform for, to work off the back of their automated address data feed.

Testimonial from key business stakeholder

We reached out to MHI to help develop a strategy to reactivate our opted-out customers. As a result of GDPR, we see an increasing amount of our newly acquired customers opt-out, meaning it was more difficult than ever to retain them.

We developed a global direct mail plan that saw us direct mail across Europe and, thanks to the collaboration with MHI, saw a +3ppts uplift in customers returning as a result of receiving direct mail. Furthermore, the cost to reactivate these people through direct mail was significantly more cost-effective than utilising our other paid channels.

A final piece was to utilise MHI expertise to develop the creative and marketing of the direct mail. Conscious these customers were opted-out of email, we made the decision to utilise QR codes to drive traffic to download our App. On the day the direct mail landed through customer’s doors, we saw a +46% uplift in downloads DoD.

To find out how MHI can help with your next customer acquisition campaign contact or call 0117 977 6655. Alternatively, request a quote here…

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